Newport Fusion SushiWelcome to Newport Fusion Sushi

We welcome you to a delicious feast of exquisite dishes in Newport Fusion Sushi. We guarantee you a sumptuous feast experience in our restaurant!  Here you will dive into a friendly and romantic atmosphere and enjoy our haute cuisine.

Chef Special Roll (with rice)

  • Golden Garlic Roll
    shrimp tempura,spicy tuna,avocado with albacore,deep fried slice garlic on top
  • Seared Hamachi Roll
    spicy tuna, avocado with seared yellowtail, jalapeño,onion on top
  • Jessica Roll
    crunch roll with tuna salmon, avocado on top
  • Red Bull Roll
    spicy tuna and avocado roll& tuna avocado on top
  • Hot Spring Roll
    deep fried shrimp tempura, cream cheese with spicy crab meat on top
  • Unagi Crunch Roll
    deep fried eel with california roll

(Comes with a soup and house salad. There are exceptions, ask server

  • Newport (Sushi&Sashimi) Combo
    8pc chef choice sushi and any roll on the menu
  • Sushi & Sashimi Combo
    8pc chef choice sushi and 8pc chef choice sashimi
  • Sushi combo A
    8pc sushi with a 8pc California Roll
  • Sushi combo B
    8pc sushi with a 8pc spicy tuna Roll


  • Sashimi Sampler
    Chef choice 6pc sashimi
  • Orange Blossom
    Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna with albacore on top
  • Pink Lady
    Deep fried crispy rice with spicy tuna, sliced avocado and jalapeño on top
  • Avocado Bomb
    Deep fried avocado with spicy tuna, crab meat
  • Korean BBQ
    Grilled Korean BBQ with marinated garlic soy sauce
  • Soft Shell Crab
    Deep fried soft shell crab with ponz sauce
  • Yellowtail Kama
    Broiled whole side yellowtail cheek
  • Salmon Kama
    Broiled whole side salmon cheek


  • Calamari Ring Tempura
    Deep fried calamari ring with ponz sauce
  • Baked Green Mussel
    6pc baked green mussel topped with spicy creamy sauce
  • Mix Tempura
    3pc shrimp & 4pc vegetable Tempura
  • Agedashi Tofu
    Crispy tender tofu tempura in savory broth, topped with bonito flakes
  • Beef Gyoza
    6pc pan-fried Japanese soy bean with house garlic sauce
  • Jalapeño Bomb
    Deep fried jalapeño with spicy tuna, cream cheese
  • Chicken Karage
    Deep fried Japanese spicy chicken nugget
  • Sauté Shisito
    Pan- fried Japanese sweet Papper

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21135 Newport Coast Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92657
 (949) 721-5884 
 M-Sun 11:30 AM – 08:30 PM